What Is The Difference Between Mindfulness vs. Meditation?

Each well being journey, no matter why you began it, is about each the thoughts and the physique. When you ignore one piece of this duo, you'll be able to solely get thus far alongside that journey.  

If you're wherever on the psychological well being aspect of this path, there’s probability that you just’ve come throughout the phrases “mindfulness” and “meditation.” Typically these are used interchangeably, which may make determining methods to incorporate them into your well being observe troublesome. With regards to something—particularly your well being—information is energy. So, let’s break down these two ideas and discover how you should use them in your life.

What's Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the standard of being acutely aware about your self and your environment within the current second. 

Mindfulness is all about consciousness. Take into consideration your self proper now. What time of day is it? What colours and smells are round you? What does the seat you’re sitting in (or floor you’re standing on) really feel like in opposition to your pores and skin and the muscle tissues beneath it? How do your garments really feel in your physique? How is the standard of your breath? 

As you take into account these questions and really feel your thoughts transferring across the room to sense the solutions to them, you’re experiencing mindfulness. The aim of that is to be current, to be on this very second that’s occurring to you proper now. However what’s the purpose of that?

Properly, being current and aware can increase efficiency, cut back stress, and supply an setting so that you can actually take into account any concern in. Being aware lets you have perspective, to acknowledge what’s essential to you. We nonetheless want to think about the longer term when making selections and we have to acknowledge our pasts as a way to transfer ahead, however being current helps you place all of these concepts and worries onto the backburner so you'll be able to totally interact within the current second. 

What's Meditation?

What going to the health club is for the physique, meditation is for the thoughts. 

Meditation is a observe whereby we consciously take a while—be it thirty seconds or two hours—to coach our sense of consciousness. 

When you consider meditation, a picture of a peaceable Monk in saffron-colored robes sitting with their legs crossed simply would possibly come to thoughts. Whereas Buddhist Monks do prepare for a really very long time to grasp meditation, the artwork isn’t unique to them. Meditation is a ability that has been and might be developed by folks all all over the world and there’s probability that you just’ve really achieved some meditative workout routines with out even realizing it (in case you’ve ever prayed or paused for a second to take a deep breath whereas careworn, you’ve already dipped your toes into this observe).  

There are numerous varieties of meditation, however all of them serve the identical function: coaching consciousness to assist us get some perspective. Some sorts are supposed to calm us down, others to develop qualities like compassion or gratitude. 

The advantages of meditation are literally fairly just like these of mindfulness (we’ll get to why that's later), and embrace improved sleep, focus, self-awareness, and extra, and is a wonderful approach to get to know your self in your physique and change into extra current. 

Mindfulness vs. Meditation 

We love this quote from Constructive Psychology: mindfulness is a high quality, meditation is a observe

We search to be aware on a regular basis; transferring by life whereas having fun with the current is what cheesy-but-accurate wood-carved indicators are manufactured from (“Dream as in case you’ll reside perpetually, reside as in case you’ll die tomorrow,” anybody?). Mindfulness is among the keys to having fun with life and taking full benefit of it because it goes by. 

Meditation is extra of a ability, that’s why it’s known as a “observe”—you really want to observe it for it to work and enhance your life. Whereas we must always attempt to be aware all day, meditation requires you to put aside a number of moments to get your observe in. Consider it like going to the psychological health club. 

Mindfulness and meditation are definitely linked, however they’re undoubtedly not interchangeable ideas. It may be complicated when phrases like “Mindfulness Meditation” (which is the observe of meditation particularly devoted to cultivating extra mindfulness) come into play. 

One approach to wrap your head round that is to acknowledge that once we observe meditation, we're being aware, however once we are being aware, we aren’t all the time working towards meditation. 

How Do I Observe Mindfulness And Meditation? 

As we stated, mindfulness is all about dwelling on this second. Because the default for many of us is not being aware, there are some things we are able to cease doing to enhance mindfulness—like limitless cellphone scrolling and TV binging, doing a number of issues directly, and spending an excessive amount of time, a. fretting over the previous and b. worrying concerning the future. 

Meditation might be practiced in so many alternative methods, so the way you wish to strategy it's actually a private resolution. You may observe guided meditations on digital platforms like iTop Well being Weblog. You can go to a sound tub. You may even use bodily motion like yoga to meditate. We've got a complete weblog put up utterly devoted to how one can get began. 

No matter whether or not you resolve to easily discover extra aware moments in your life or to dedicate hours a day meditating, the pursuit of being current is all the time one filled with potential for well being and happiness. If you want to get began as we speak, strive a 7-day free trial on and take part on a guided meditation with us.


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