Sourdough Tomato Sandwich Recipe for Longevity

Whether or not you make money working from home, realizing what to eat for lunch can get tough. Certain, a few of us choose for a similar staples day in and day trip, whereas others could wait and see what they’re within the temper for by the point the clock strikes 12 o’clock. Then, there are occasions when our schedules get so packed and our to-dos appear so limitless that we could overlook to pause and recharge with a meal altogether… or find yourself munching on less-than-nutritious fare. In these instances particularly, tremendous easy, just about easy lunch concepts can come by way of FTW—similar to this sourdough tomato sandwich recipe, which takes not more than 60 seconds to prep, courtesy of @bluezones.

We requested Toby Amidor, MS, RD, CDN, FAND, an award-winning diet professional and Wall Avenue Journal best-selling creator of The Household Immunity Cookbook, to clue us in on how this sandwich can promote good well being and longevity.

Why we love this sourdough tomato sandwich recipe

This plant-based sandwich is filled with nutritional vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients that help wellness and wholesome growing old on a number of fronts.

Sourdough bread

Let’s begin with the bottom: sourdough bread, which Amidor says is “wealthy in antioxidants because of the interplay of the lactic acid micro organism.” Antioxidants are key to stave off cell harm, which is linked to growing old and opposed well being results. Furthermore, fermented meals like sourdough can decrease irritation and bolster immunity—to not point out enhance your intestine well being for wellness wins throughout the board.

Additional virgin olive oil

EVOO isn’t solely scrumptious and versatile; it’s additionally confirmed to help longevity. “A 2019 examine discovered that people who completely used olive oil, in comparison with those that consumed no olive oil or olive oil along with different fat, had extra profitable growing old,” Amidor shares. This examine investigated olive oil consumption in adults residing in Greece (house of the Blue Zone island of Ikaria) over the age of fifty, and essentially the most spectacular outcomes had been seen in contributors over the age of 70. Learn: Embody this pantry staple into your rotation to guard your well being for years to return.

EVOO can also be a beautiful supply of wholesome fat, and Amidor provides that it accommodates about 13 % vitamin E, “an antioxidant discovered to assist stop cell harm from free radicals.”

Grape molasses

“This darkish, candy syrup is made out of the grape should, aka grape juice,” Amidor says. She provides that it’s a tasty pure sweetener to have readily available, particularly on account of its spectacular mineral profile. “Analysis reveals that grape molasses has excessive quantities of potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and calcium.”

Whereas totally different forms of this sweetener supply these vitamins and pro-aging advantages, you could wish to maintain a watch out for purple grape molasses particularly, because it boasts the best stage of anthocyanins and general antioxidant exercise.


Amidor mentions that one medium tomato packs greater than 20 % of the each day suggestions for nutritional vitamins A and C, each of that are antioxidants and thus advantageous for wholesome growing old. This sourdough tomato sandwich recipe advises utilizing tomato juice particularly—however in case you don’t have a complete, ripe tomato to squeeze, a processed choice could be a legitimate substitute.

“When a tomato is processed, like into juice or a canned tomato product, the antioxidant lycopene is potent,” Amidor explains. The advantages of lycopene embody however aren’t restricted to enhancements in cardiovascular well being and safety from sure cancers, so that you’ll wish to load up on this potent free radical fighter on the common. (Tip: You could find it in purple and orange fruits and veggies similar to bell peppers, candy potatoes, and blood oranges.)


Chopped purple onions add a pointy kick to this recipe, plus antioxidants as well. “They supply vitamin C and quercetin, a phytonutrient that helps struggle irritation, which may also help with growing old,” Amidor says.

Mint, parsley, and oregano

These herbs pack taste and longevity-boosting vitamins in spades. “Recent peppermint has vitamin A, folate, calcium, and potassium. It additionally has sturdy antioxidants generally known as phenols,” Amidor begins.

Subsequent, there’s parsley, which gives advantages on your mind and physique alike. “One tablespoon of contemporary parsley gives over 75 % of the each day advice for vitamin Okay. It additionally gives a number of antioxidants together with nutritional vitamins A and C; each assist reduce the results of free radical harm to your cells, which helps with growing old,” Amidor says.

Lastly, Amidor notes that oregano gives vitamin Okay as properly, plus quite a few B nutritional vitamins and the phytonutrient antioxidants lutein, zeaxanthin, and beta-carotene.

Tricks to max out the advantages of this sandwich

Amidor shares just a few useful tricks to amplify the well being advantages of this sandwich recipe and your eating regimen at giant:

  • Sub in whole-grain bread, which the recipe builders additionally counsel instead. “Entire-grain bread, which has the bran and endosperm elements of the entire grain intact, gives vitamin E, which protects cell membranes from free radical harm—particularly these from UV rays,” Amidor explains. Furthermore, she prioritizes this number of bread for its protein and fiber content material.
  • Use grape molasses sparingly at mealtime. Amidor says it packs added sugar, so watch out to not overdo it on the candy stuff.
  • Pack within the herbs elsewhere in your eating regimen. Since herbs are sometimes used sparingly in dishes, attempt to incorporate them at any time when you possibly can to rev up your consumption and profit much more from their nutrient content material.
  • Don’t overlook protein, as Amidor emphasizes that balanced meals are key. Since this recipe was impressed by the Blue Zone of Ikaria, Greece, keep on theme by complementing the sandwich with their most popular plant-based proteins—similar to chickpeas, lentils, and almonds—or contemporary fish.

Blue Zones–impressed sourdough tomato sandwich recipe

1. Begin with a slice of sourdough bread or heavy, whole-grain bread.

2. Drizzle one tablespoon of additional virgin olive oil and grape molasses.

3. Sprinkle with salt and oregano.

4. Add a thick layer of chopped onion, mint, and parsley.

5. Squeeze juice from one half of tomato on high.

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