Is Freeze Dried Fruit Healthy?

freeze-dried fruit

Freezing any meals not solely saves cash, nevertheless it’s additionally time-saving. Within the occasion of a sale, it’s possible you’ll replenish on important portions of meals that you could freeze after which thaw as per your requirement.

Chances are you’ll do that with many meals, however have you ever ever frozen dried fruit? Complicated, proper, so the query arises are you able to freeze-dried fruit?

Is Freeze-dried fruit wholesome?

In keeping with the USDA, virtually any product could also be frozen, and dried fruit is not any exception. As a result of the dried fruit has already been preserved, it’s extra inclined to freezing than different fruits.

You may protect dried fruit within the freezer whereas retaining its unique taste, texture, and dietary worth.

Freeze Drying of Fruits

It’s attainable to protect recent fruits with out utilizing preservatives by freeze-drying them, and it is without doubt one of the priceless methods to take care of the dietary worth of the fruit.

You should use a freeze-dried as a nutritious snack, used to sweeten meals, or to bake.

The industrial process of freeze-drying fruit entails inserting the fruit in a vacuum chamber at a temperature under freezing. The fruit’s strong water molecules type a gasoline, dissolving and escaping from the meal.

This course of preserves the fruit and berries of their pure state and far of the vitamin they include.

After processing, you will need to bundle freeze-dried fruit. It’s best to use hermetic, moisture-proof packaging to take care of its freshness.

It’s attainable to freeze-dry fruit at house with the suitable gear, however a freeze dryer and its attachments may cost a little hundreds of {dollars}. However, Lyophilization is while you freeze fruit in a vacuum-sealed container after which dehydrate it.

Nonetheless, you’ll be able to freeze-dried fruit at house; here’s a information.

Freeze Dried Fruit at Dwelling

Freeze Dried Fruit at Home

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  • Take the dried fruit out of the bag or container.
  • The fruit ought to be completely cooled earlier than you freeze it in the event you dry it your self.
  • Divide the fruit into servings and freeze every one in a freezer bag.
  • When closing the luggage, take care to push out each final little bit of air.
  • Don’t forget so far the luggage.
  • Put the luggage in a freezer container that’s vapor and moisture-proof.
  • Hold it in your freezer at a temperature of 0 levels Fahrenheit.
  • If adequately stored and frozen, dried fruit could final for as much as a yr in your freezer.

Useful Tip: Defrost solely the quantity of dried fruit you propose to eat or use. Fixed defrosting and refreezing could cause the feel and taste of the fruit to degrade. Discard dried fruit if it appears moldy or slimy, tastes rotten, or produces a horrible odor.

Benefits of Freeze-Dried Fruits

Take edge of those benefits through the use of freeze-dried merchandise in your subsequent software.

Numerous Fiber

Freeze-dried fruit has lots of fiber. For a wholesome digestive system and diminished ldl cholesterol, consuming the beneficial every day allowance of fiber is important.

Crispy Bananas present two grams of dietary fiber in every bag, making them a good selection for people attempting to extend their fiber consumption.

It’s a tasty win-win state of affairs!

Excessive Concentrations of Dietary Elements

One serving of freeze-dried fruit offers a strong dietary punch! Freeze-dried fruits retain as much as 90% of their unique dietary worth.

In consequence, you not want recent fruit available to attain your beneficial every day consumption of nutritional vitamins C and A.

You can even ask a Nutritionist to substantiate extra about it.

Low in Energy/Fats

With solely 55 energy or fewer per bag, Freeze-dried fruit is a superb choice for individuals who like a candy snack however are attempting to observe their weight.

Freeze-dried fruit makes up almost half of every serving on this recipe, and it doesn’t embody any added sugars, sweeteners, or preservatives as a result of the only ingredient is the fruit itself.

So it’s possible you’ll take pleasure in guilt-free munching at any second, even on the go!

Extra Shelf Life and Freshness

It’s theoretically attainable to maintain freeze-dried substances for a number of years. The prepped fruits are dehydrated utilizing the freeze-drying method, and oxygen is faraway from cans and pouches to protect the freshness of those fruits.

Extra oxygen absorbents are an choice. The fruits serve this fashion will style higher. Freeze-dried fruits have an extended shelf life than their recent counterparts. It’s attainable to maintain this stuff in your pantry.

You get further area in your freezer in the event you use freeze-dried fruits for smoothies and shakes as a substitute of huge luggage of frozen fruits.

Straightforward to Put together

Preparation of freeze-dried fruit is a straightforward course of, and it merely necessitates quick rehydration of the fruit, making it wonderful for long-term storage.

You may reconstitute most freeze-dried meals by including heat water to the product.


You should use freeze-dried fruit to make varied sweets and meals. It’s as in the event you’ve bought a freezer stuffed with freeze-dried strawberries or freeze-dried raspberries.

There’s lots of analysis displaying that freeze-dried fruits are wholesome and useful. You should use it alone or add it to your snack, including extra worth.

Essentially the most generally freeze-dried fruits are berries (strawberries, blueberries, blackberries), grapes, mango, peaches, bananas, and many others.

If you wish to get professional recommendation on this, you’ll be able to e book an appointment with the Finest Nutritionist to have an adept dialogue.


1. Is freeze-dried fruit an excellent choice for well being?

Freeze Dried fruit include Nutritional vitamins and minerals making it a superb complement to a nutritious diet.

2. How dehydrated and freeze-dried fruit differ?

Warmth drying procedures take away moisture from dehydrated meals and may cut back the product’s taste. Freeze-dried items (even fruits!), alternatively, preserve a lot of their pure taste.

3. How can I exploit freeze-dried fruits?

If you add freeze-dried fruit to water, it solely takes about 5 minutes for the fruit to rehydrate, giving the water a scrumptious fruit style within the course of. Aqua Fruit and a pitcher of water are all you want.

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