How To Tell If You Have Pollen Allergy Food Syndrome

Those of us with seasonal allergy symptoms are well-acquainted with the struggles that pollen could cause. Assume: itchy, water eyes; a runny or congested nostril; sneezing prefer it’s your job.

Curiously (and sadly), this isn’t the one manner our our bodies may be harm by pollen, although. Even if you happen to don’t have any allergy symptoms to meals, what you eat might truly set off your pollen allergy.

We’re speaking about pollen meals allergy syndrome, aka having an allergic response to a meals that incorporates proteins just like these in allergenic bushes and weeds. And it impacts 50 p.c of individuals with seasonal allergy symptoms, although many don’t realize it. That’s an enormous quantity!

“It’s a case of mistaken identification,” allergy specialist Atoosa Kourosh, MD, beforehand defined to Properly+Good. “The proteins within the cell partitions of pollen are so comparable biochemically to these within the cell partitions of sure meals that the physique errors the meals for an allergen. For these with the allergy, consuming the meals is like consuming a mouthful of pollen.”

The forms of pollen you’re allergic to play a task in your “drawback meals,” so to talk. In accordance with the American Faculty of Allergy, Bronchial asthma, and Immunology, the most typical pollen/meals connections are:

Birch pollen: apple, almond, carrot, celery, cherry, hazelnut, kiwi, peach, pear, and plum
Grass pollen: celery, melons, oranges, peaches, and tomato
Ragweed pollen: banana, cucumber, melons, sunflower seeds, and zucchini

But when so many individuals don’t know they’ve this syndrome, how are you supposed to search out out if it could possibly be affecting you? And if you happen to do have it, does that imply you’ll be able to by no means eat these fruits and veggies once more?

Indicators you will have pollen meals allergy syndrome

In accordance with Purvi Parikh, MD, allergist and spokesperson with the Allergy & Bronchial asthma Community, the primary symptom to search for is an “itchy mouth or throat with numerous fruits or greens, and even some nuts.” Nevertheless, it’s doable that you would be able to eat these meals with out issues so long as they’re cooked or heated (extra on that, beneath). So the tomatoes in marinara sauce, for example, possible gained’t set off this response, however snacking on uncooked cherry tomatoes would possibly.

“Many individuals don’t understand there’s a connection and assume it’s a real meals allergy,” Dr. Parikh says. That is notably true since this typically does not develop till adolescence or maturity—and even later in life. (Simply one more reason why being aware of how your physique feels whereas consuming advantages you in additional methods than one—simply saying!)

Easy methods to handle pollen meals allergy syndrome

Worrying you will have that is legitimate, and Dr. Parikh shares some pretty excellent news that will reduce your considerations.

First, heating or cooking these meals can lower the possibility of signs since warmth breaks down the proteins which are inflicting the allergic response, she explains. (Hey, I’d argue that baked apples style higher anyway!) Dr. Parikh additionally notes that meals with solely the flavoring—corresponding to a melon-flavored piece of sweet—don’t sometimes trigger points.

If you happen to do expertise an itchy mouth or throat, Dr. Parikh encourages you to remain calm. If that’s your solely symptom, an antihistamine can most likely resolve the problem and assist you to really feel higher, she says.

Indicators of an precise meals allergy (which is totally different from a meals sensitivity), then again, warrant quick medical consideration. In accordance with Dr. Parikh, these signs embrace pores and skin rashes, stomach cramps, diarrhea, vomiting, dizziness, wheezing, chest tightness, and swelling of the lips and tongue.

On the finish of the day, whereas pollen and pollen meals allergy syndrome can disrupt your life in irritating methods, do not forget that you are still in management. With medication and a bit of cooking, you need to be simply tremendous.

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