How to Get Rid of Redness on Your Face, According to Dermatologists

Equally, something spicy containing capsaicin (a compound present in chili peppers and scorching sauces) cannot solely make you desperately attain for a glass of water or milk, however may additionally set off an inflammatory response within the pores and skin that may trigger redness and contribute to rosacea flare-ups (we’ll get into that shortly).8

Methods to deal with it: No, you don’t should fully change your eating regimen. Any blushing ensuing from a glass of wine, say, or Vindaloo hen curry is fairly short-term, but when it’s one thing that issues you, possibly don’t overload on spicy noodles or scorching wings daily (or on a, um, scorching date), Dr. Hoss suggests.


Should you really feel like your face is in everlasting blush mode, you may be coping with a extra persistent inflammatory situation known as rosacea. Whereas specialists nonetheless don’t know the precise trigger, analysis has proven that genetics, together with environmental triggers (like sure meals, climate, train, and solar publicity), could make some folks’s pores and skin shiny pink with an accompanying burning, stinging, or itching sensation.9 In Rosacea Kind 2 (a subtype of the situation), infected pimples, pustules, and/or papules that don’t reply to typical zits remedies are additionally a part of the issue.10

The largest distinction between rosacea and common outdated rosy cheeks is whether or not or not the redness is symptomatic, in line with Dr. Bodemer. For instance, do you additionally expertise itching? Burning? Stinging? Tenderness? “Folks with rosacea are inclined to even have actually delicate pores and skin, in order that they’re additionally way more vulnerable to creating irritation or allergic reactions to widespread skincare merchandise,” she explains. If this sounds such as you, guide an appointment with a board-certified dermatologist, when you can, who can formally diagnose you and counsel tailor-made options, Dr. Bodmer advises.

Methods to deal with it: Rosacea is persistent and there aren’t any identified cures that can hold the flush away for good. That stated, there are some methods to cut back the frequency of flare-ups and relieve the situation’s uncomfortable signs.

For instance, you would possibly wish to “keep away from widespread triggers like extreme daylight, spicy meals, or pink wine,” all of which may quickly worsen redness and burning, Shari Lipner, MD, PhD, board-certified dermatologist and affiliate professor at Weill Cornell Drugs in New York Metropolis, tells SELF.10 What makes one individual with rosacea flush could not have an effect on another person the identical manner (and vice versa), nevertheless, so Dr. Lipner additionally suggests being attentive to any particular meals, drinks, or environmental adjustments that have an effect on your complexion.

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