How Often Should You Exfoliate Your Face, Depending On Your Skin Type?

Once more, salicylic acid is a superb alternative—it’s anti-inflammatory and works by decreasing the manufacturing of sebum (oil) that contributes to clogged pores, Dr. Lebowitz provides.9 10 They each additionally suggest glycolic acid, which has been proven to enhance zits.5 11

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Eczema or rosacea-prone pores and skin

In case you’re coping with both of those power inflammatory situations, it’s essential to see a board-certified dermatologist about how typically—if in any respect—you need to exfoliate. “I wouldn’t suggest doing it at house until you talk about it along with your physician first,” Dr. Castilla says She particularly cautions towards bodily scrubs (which, once more, will be notably abrasive).

Individuals who have eczema are already coping with a broken pores and skin barrier, which explains signs like cracking or peeling, so over-exfoliating can set off flare-ups, per the Nationwide Eczema Affiliation. Equally, rosacea-prone people have extremely delicate and simply irritated pores and skin, which is why overdoing it may possibly enhance redness, burning, and/or stinging.

That doesn’t imply exfoliants are completely off-limits, although. Simply ensure that to speak to a dermatologist or your major care supplier, if in case you have one. These specialists can present extra customized (and secure) steering, Dr. Castilla says.

What’s the perfect methodology for exfoliating your face?

Let’s begin with bodily exfoliation merchandise. Most of them are cleansers, so you need to use them on damp pores and skin, per Dr. Lebowitz. She additionally recommends making use of them gently and in round motions (, as you usually would when washing your face), and rinsing totally if you’re accomplished. Oh, and keep away from dry brushing altogether—Dr. Castilla and Dr. Lebowitz agree that it’s too harsh for the delicate cheeks, brow, and eye space.

Chemical exfoliants, alternatively, are meant for dry pores and skin (after cleaning) and needs to be used at night time, in keeping with each dermatologists. The pores and skin naturally repairs itself when you sleep, Dr. Castilla explains, so exfoliating earlier than mattress can help this course of by eradicating the outer layer of lifeless cells, permitting new ones to return to the floor extra simply.12 (Plus, no matter which acid you utilize, exfoliating throughout the day could make your freshly buffed face extra weak to solar harm.)13

Whether or not you bodily or chemically exfoliate, you need to keep away from utilizing robust actives, like further exfoliating acids, zits remedies, retinol, different retinoids, or vitamin C, on the identical time—all of which will be harsh and should enhance sensitivity.14 It’s additionally a good suggestion to keep away from added fragrances, which might equally trigger irritation, in keeping with the American Academy of Dermatology.

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