How Long Does Oat Milk Last?

Creamy, absolutely foam-able, and wealthy in protein, oat milk—a plant-based milk made by soaking oats in water—has deservedly develop into probably the most widespread options to dairy milk. (And along with being broadly accessible, it’s simple to make at house with just some components.)

This is the factor, although: Regardless that it’s not a dairy product, know that oat milk can nonetheless go unhealthy pretty shortly. So similar to you'd with common ol’ cow’s milk, you wish to be certain that your carton of oat milk is *not* spoiled earlier than you drown your valuable granola in it or pour it into your morning matcha latte. This is how lengthy try to be storing your oat milk earlier than it spoils, plus a meals scientist's suggestions for maintaining it recent for so long as potential.

How lengthy does oat milk final?

In response to London-based meals scientist Natalie Alibrandi, CEO of Nali Consulting, as soon as the container has been opened, store-bought oat milk usually stays good for about seven to 10 days within the fridge.

There are components that may cut back the shelf lifetime of oat milk, nonetheless—like leaving the opened container at room temperature for quite a lot of minutes at a time, for instance, particularly on a heat summer time day. “As quickly as you might be completed utilizing the milk, put the cap again on and return it to the fridge,” Alibrandi says. “And no matter you do, don’t go away your oat milk out on the counter uncapped for a number of hours of time—or, ideally, any span in any respect—as you'll shortly cut back its perishability restrict.”

The principle concern with oat milk, Alibrandi explains, is mildew progress that may make you in poor health should you ingest it. Whereas some manufacturers of oat milk are produced in aseptic cartons and might final for so long as yr at room temperature when unopened, Alibrandi explains that you need to all the time observe the “finest by date” on the carton for finest consequence—and preserve the carton within the fridge if the packaging advises doing so. When you open the carton, your seven to 10 days begins. “The precise milk is usually fully sterile earlier than it has been opened,” says Alibrandi. “Due to this fact, the one publicity to different microbes is thru the air as soon as the product is opened.”

So, how will you inform that it’s time to chop your losses and toss that carton of oat milk sitting round within the fridge for greater than every week? Adjustments within the texture of the oat milk—if it turns into thick and chunky, for instance—are indicators that it has gone unhealthy and must be discarded, Alibrandi says, including that you simply must also take note of the colour and odor of the milk.

“If the colour adjustments drastically from when the carton was initially opened, I might advocate smelling the product to see if it smells bitter,” says Alibrandi. “For those who can’t decide if the odor is bitter, then take a small pattern and sip it to see if the flavour has modified a lot from what it initially tasted like. If the flavour is bitter, or has a bitter aftertaste, you need to discard the milk earlier than consuming any extra.”

Easy methods to make your alt milk last more

Oat milk must be saved at a temperature of 40°F, says Alibrandi. To increase the shelf lifetime of oat milk, she recommends storing the container on the decrease cabinets of the fridge reasonably than on the door, which she notes is the warmest a part of any fridge. Alibrandi additionally says that totally different manufacturers and styles of oat milk (“barista” oat milk, for instance, is has the next fats content material than common oat milk and is due to this fact thought of higher for steaming and foaming) might every have barely totally different tips almost about correct storage and shelf life, and that it’s all the time finest to stick to the directions on the packaging.

“You shouldn't see an enormous distinction in perishability between several types of oat milk, authentic vs. barista as an example,” says Alibrandi. “However nonetheless observe the foundations, as totally different merchandise may have totally different formulations which have an effect on shelf life.”

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