How Having Dark Armpits, Knees, and Elbows Turned Into a Problem to Be Solved

She stated that it’s frequent for folks of colour to come back to her follow looking for lightening remedies for the elbows, knees, and underarms particularly, as a result of they suppose the deeper hue just isn’t pure—more often than not, it’s, although. “I speak to them about the truth that it’s regular,” Dr. Elbuluk added. “There’s no must attempt to lighten it as a result of that is regular, wholesome pores and skin.”

So why are some components of your pores and skin darker than others?

Sure areas just like the elbows and knees are sometimes darker just because the pores and skin is thicker, in keeping with Dr. Elbuluk. Even when these spots begin out roughly the identical colour because the close by pores and skin, repeated bodily trauma or friction could cause the pores and skin to thicken, producing darker patches, often known as hyperpigmentation. For instance, “darkening of knees and elbows could be on account of power frictional rubbing from kneeling, crawling, and sliding elbow on a desk,” Julia Tzu, MD, a New York-based board-certified dermatologist, informed Attract.

On a regular basis actions like shaving or exfoliating are additionally potential culprits. The pores and skin can turn into irritated from shaving, an excessive amount of exfoliation, or just making an attempt a brand new product, particularly deodorant, Dr. Elbuluk famous. “If you happen to’re somebody susceptible to ingrown hairs, you may get hyperpigmentation from that repeated irritation,” she added. 

Right here’s when you need to speak to your physician about hyperpigmentation.

A standard DIY treatment for darkish spots is aggressively scrubbing that space—like what my relations have been advising I do with the again of my neck. On the whole, nevertheless, over-exfoliating the pores and skin in an effort to make it lighter is counterproductive in case you’re seeking to restrict any potential irritation. “This occurs [when people] attempt to scrub the pores and skin too laborious, considering that that may assist, or use too many exfoliating merchandise on the identical time,” Dr. Elbuluk defined. The pores and skin can turn into irritated as a result of its protecting barrier is broken; then, that irritation turns into hyperpigmentation. Areas with thinner pores and skin, just like the underarms, are extra delicate and susceptible to irritation.

Nonetheless, there are some situations when these areas are darker on account of an underlying well being concern like insulin resistance or an endocrine dysfunction, Dr. Tzu defined. Figuring out when these sections of the pores and skin are darker due to an inner dysfunction could require you to rethink what’s thought-about “regular” on your complexion. Naturally, the physique has a number of tones and hues, however in case you’ve not too long ago seen some type of new, drastic change, then Dr. Elbuluk prompt visiting a board-certified dermatologist or your major care physician to find out the trigger. And once you do, she burdened that you need to really feel empowered to ask the physician loads of questions: what’s regular and what’s not on your pores and skin, in case you do or don’t want to make use of sure remedies, and anything that involves thoughts. 

She additionally famous that individuals of colour can understandably be hesitant about visiting a dermatologist. There are a number of potential causes for that, together with excessive medical prices, lack of entry to dermatologists that perceive tips on how to diagnose and deal with darker pores and skin, and common mistrust of the medical discipline. As with every situation, these elements could make it extra tempting to look to different locations for assist. “Folks rely closely on not simply who they know, however now social media, as effectively, and different sources,” Dr. Elbuluk shared. “There’s some good info there, however there’s additionally plenty of misinformation.” 

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