Excelan Clinic is the best way to have a doctor at home when you need one

Holger Schmitz

“Good health is not something we can buy. However, it can be an extremely valuable savings account.” This is a sentence said by Anne Wilson Schaef, American clinical psychologist and author. And indeed, saving health is the most important investment we can have in our lives. Nothing else can replace it! If you want to have a good football team, you need to have well-trained players, if you want to have a nice house, a good architect will certainly help you! When it comes to health, a good doctor and the service he will provide will make your life much easier. Excelan, a private clinic in Marbella, nurtures three important principles – whatever, whenever, and wherever! And as the slogan itself says, a good doctor is just a phone call away!

How often do you avoid going to the doctor and checking your regular health just because you know there is a big traffic jam or that you will wait in lines to get to the doctor? Have you ever experienced an injury during regular training and running in nature and can’t drive yourself to the nearest doctor? Just imagine a situation where you have a doctor at home! If you are a Marbella and Costa del Sol resident, you are in luck! Excelan Medical Clinic offers the services of the so-called GP Doctor, who will be there for you as soon as possible at your address! To make things even better, it doesn’t matter the time of day when you need help, because this clinic offers the possibility of a house doctor 24/7! 

Whatever location you are in, at your hotel, on the golf course, at home, or out at your favorite restaurant, this clinic provides the opportunity for experts to come to your location! With their long years of experience, their goal is to offer you the best tailored medical service. How they used to say If it’s important for you, it’s important for them.

Now, imagine that you have just moved to Spain, or you are there for some business, or that you are simply just a tourist who came to visit this beautiful city. You have come to a situation where you do not feel very well, or you have suffered an injury and you do not know very well how the health system in this country works. Okay, let’s say you don’t know it at all! What gives this clinic an extra charm is that all the doctors are very good when it comes to speaking English, so even if you are not a citizen of Spain, you and your loved ones should not worry at all, because you will have great service!

As we said, a good doctor is only one phone call from you, but there are other ways you can contact this world-class private medical clinic. The easiest way to get in touch with them is by direct call, but there are also WhatsApp messages and calls or email addresses. Either way, the clinic is one of the most modern, and always follows trends even when it comes to how to get in touch with them. You need to know that whatever way of contacting them you are using, they offer you customized services to look after you and your family.

Finally, one significant sentence was said by Joyce Meyer – “I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you.” And now, thanks to the Excelan Clinic, you can take care of your health from the comfort of your home! And don’t worry about whether the service will be provided on time because they are experts! As they said a fast response and effective action is the only way to deal with an emergency. You can just simply call them at any time and they will send the help you need without delay.

Patients on the Costa del Sol and Marabella trust them, why shouldn’t you, right? In order to learn more about it, you can just simply visit their website or if you want to learn a bit more about clinic in general, go to this link: You can simply choose language in the top right corner!

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