Does Sunscreen Expire? Here’s How to Tell If You Should Toss Yours

Not like rotten fruits or that suspicious-smelling milk in your fridge, it may be laborious to inform when skincare merchandise are previous their prime. And with SPF particularly, you positively don’t wish to danger it: Positive, you could not instantly get sick from slathering on expired sunscreen, however you may positively wind up with a painful burn and greater issues down the road.

Nonetheless, you could be studying this and brushing it off as no biggie to maintain utilizing that half-empty bottle sitting in your seaside bag. However sunscreen expiration dates aren’t just a few advertising ploy to get you to purchase extra, Kelly Dobos, MSc, MBA, beauty chemist and adjunct professor on the College of Cincinnati, tells SELF. “Crucial consequence is that you just gained’t be getting full safety from the solar in case your sunscreen has gone unhealthy,” Dobos says (which shields you from dangerous UV rays, decreasing your danger of creating pores and skin most cancers and stopping sunburns and indicators of photoaging, together with wrinkles and hyperpigmentation). “Plus, different components in skincare and make-up, like sure naturally derived oils, can go rancid over time and irritate the pores and skin or break you out.”

The very best rule of thumb, based on the U.S. Meals and Drug Administration (FDA), is to contemplate your SPF expired three years after you got it—even when there’s no expiration date on the label and even should you’ve by no means opened it, Dobos provides. And you could wish to toss it even sooner if the tube has been not noted within the solar all day, for instance, or saved in your ultra-hot automobile as a result of, yep, warmth could make sunscreen go unhealthy quicker, she says.

So earlier than you attain for that SPF lotion or spray you’ve had for 2 summers, learn on to study a couple of methods to inform if it’ll nonetheless work its skin-saving magic.

Verify the expiration date.

It sounds simple and self-explanatory, proper? Some expiration dates are clearly displayed in daring, black ink, sure, however oftentimes, they’re not hiding in plain sight. For instance, on sprays, the month, day, and yr will probably be stamped on the underside of the bottle, Dobos says. On tubes, it’s usually imprinted on the very prime. For some SPF lotions and make-up, you would possibly discover a tiny icon that appears like an open jar (formally often called the Interval After Opening—or POA—image) with “9M,” “12M,” “18M,” or “24M” on it. This means that the product stays efficient 9, 12, 18, or 24 months after opening.

The expiration date for a lot of SPF sprays is situated on the backside of the bottle.

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