Antioxidant Superfoods To Add to Any Smoothie Recipe

Blending up your afternoon smoothie means going by means of your psychological guidelines of good-for-you substances so as to add to the scrumptious combine. You have acquired your go-to proteins, carbs, and fat checked off… anything?

In response to Rebekah Blakely, RDN, and nutritionist for The Vitamin Shoppe, you would possibly wish to contemplate tossing just a few antioxidant superfoods into your blender.

However earlier than we dive into why, this is a fast science class refresher on what, precisely, an antioxidant is: “Antioxidants are substances that may assist shield your cells from free radical harm,” Blakely says. “Free radicals are…the results of regular metabolic processes and publicity to stressors and toxins. They’re unstable [molecules] as a result of they’ve an uneven variety of electrons, and to allow them to ‘steal’ electrons from different wholesome cells within the physique, inflicting harm.”

Fortunately, consuming antioxidants can assist preserve free radicals in test all through your physique, and they are often present in a variety of meals sources, Blakely says. They’re most ample in vegetables and fruit, nonetheless, Blakely notes that the CDC stories that just one in 10 adults eat the beneficial quantity of vegetables and fruit, which ranges from 1½ to 2 cups of fruit and 2½ to 3½ cups of greens day by day for adults.

In case you’re one of many 9 in 10 who does not fairly hit that quantity every single day, supplementation can come in useful to push you excessive—which brings us again to your soon-to-be-revised smoothie recipe.

Apart from loading down your smoothie with frozen fruits, veggies, and a beneficiant scoop of almond butter (antioxidants are additionally present in legumes, nuts, and seeds), Blakely has two go-to antioxidant superfoods that make nice smoothie add-in’s: spirulina and beetroot.

If these are new substances to you and your kitchen, do not stress (that may result in extra free radicals, bear in mind?)—you could find them in beet root and spirulina powders from KOS®. Seize them from The Vitamin Shoppe®, and preserve them by your blender as a result of you are going to wish to make them everlasting additions to your smoothie lineup.

Maintain studying for an RD-backed deep dive into these antioxidant superfoods.

Advantages of spirulina

What makes spirulina such a superfood powerhouse is, in fact, the truth that it is naturally excessive in antioxidants. Blakely says we will attribute that nutrient worth to phycocyanin, which is the pigment that provides the algae its blue-green colour.

This vibrantly coloured superfood is thought to assist assist blood oxygen circulation, which is a significant perk for individuals who train continuously, as higher circulation is linked to increased vitality and higher exercise endurance.

On prime of those properties, spirulina might assist give your immune system some additional assist with its excessive nutrient and antioxidant content material (it additionally incorporates antioxidant nutritional vitamins and minerals together with beta-carotene, vitamin E, and selenium), which helps to cut back the oxidative stress in our cells.

As for those who wanted another excuse so as to add the ingredient to your smoothies, spirulina might also assist assist good intestine well being. In response to Blakely, animal research have proven spirulina can have optimistic results on the steadiness of the intestine microbiome.

One of many best methods to get your day by day dose of spirulina is to scoop KOS® Natural Luminous Blue Spirulina Powder or KOS® Bolt Blue Spirulina Power (which mixes pure spirulina with adaptogens and caffeine from natural inexperienced espresso beans for vitality and focus assist) into your subsequent smoothie. They do not name it a superfood for nothing.

Advantages of beetroot

If there are two issues about beets, it is in all probability that they are pink they usually include antioxidants. Okay, you won’t have identified in regards to the antioxidants prior to now, however apparently these issues do have one thing in widespread: betalain.

“Betalains are phytonutrients that give beets their pink colour and have been proven to supply antioxidant…assist,” Blakely says.

In case you thought that is the place beets draw the wellness-boosting line, you’ll be mistaken. In response to Blakely, beetroot has lots of the similar advantages as spirulina: It might additionally assist assist wholesome blood stress, in addition to as total circulation and blood stream. To not point out, research present beetroot might assist enhance cardiorespiratory efficiency and enhance time to exhaustion throughout train, Blakely says.

So, for those who’re searching for a brand new pre-workout state of affairs, add one scoop of KOS® Natural Beet Root Powder to your breakfast, smoothie, or espresso. Nervous about the way it would possibly style? Blakely recommends beginning with a half scoop to check out the style, and pairing it with different useful substances like tart cherry juice or cacao powder that complement the flavour. Beet root sizzling chocolate, anybody?

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