A New Way to Get Your Protein Fix

With many low-carbohydrate diets like Keto and Paleo are taking the world by storm, so is the demand for handy, nutritious, high-protein snacks like Biltong.

What's Biltong?

In case you’re into well being and health, it’s seemingly you’ve already heard of Biltong, however in case you’re new to the world of Biltong, allow us to provide you with an perception into what it's under.

Biltong is a high-protein snack originating from South Africa. Usually produced from premium grass-fed beef, Biltong stems from a 400-year-old recipe that makes use of pure flavors and air drying solely.

Though Biltong might be produced from meats apart from beef, comparable to a recreation, poultry, and even mushrooms, you’ll mostly discover it in beef type. Discover out extra about biltong vitamin right here. 

Is Biltong the identical as beef jerky?

Biltong could look visually just like beef jerky, however belief us, these cured meat snacks are worlds aside. When it comes right down to how these snacks are made, Biltong and jerky couldn’t be any extra completely different.

Biltong might be made with a wide range of cuts of meat which permits for a spread of flavors and textures. It’s normally a lot thicker than beef jerky and is cured by taking strips of beef, coating it in a marinade produced from vinegar and spices, and is then hanged as much as naturally air dry, whereas jerky is made by slicing skinny strips of beef and marinating them in a non-vinegar answer which is then cooked and dehydrated.

The outcome? Biltong melts in your mouth and retains all the good flavors from the curing course of; it additionally retains all the important thing vitamins comparable to protein, zinc, and Vitamin B-12. Discover out extra about biltong vs jerky right here.

What are the dietary advantages of Biltong?

nutritional benefits of Biltong

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Biltong is a superb snack for gym-goers or for anybody seeking to get extra protein into their weight loss plan as It’s jam-packed with all of the important nutritional vitamins and minerals the physique must perform and restore muscle tears that always occur with train. Under we take a look at a few of Biltong’s advantages:

  • Wealthy supply of pure protein – in the course of the drying course of, beef loses weight because it loses moisture. This enriches its dietary values, doubling the quantity of protein per serving. A single-eat bag is sufficient to provide you with 50% of your day by day protein necessities!
  • Unimaginable supply of Vitamin B12 – Biltong is a unbelievable supply of vitamin B12, which is important for wholesome blood and nerve cells in addition to cell manufacturing.

Can Biltong substitute my post-gym protein shake?

100% – in actual fact, we suggest you attempt changing your protein shake with Biltong a number of occasions per week. Biltong is excessive in pure protein, making it the proper post-gym snack.

It’s additionally accessible in a wide range of flavors too so, like protein powder, you don’t have to stay with the identical taste in case you don’t need to.

Though protein powders are a lot sweeter than cured meat snacks like Biltong, they’re additionally extremely processed, that means most of the important vitamins are left behind. Biltong is pure beef sourced from prime grass-fed cows, so it retains quite a lot of the important vitamins.

As Biltong remains to be pink meat, we'd counsel consuming it a most of three occasions per week alongside a wholesome and balanced weight loss plan.

Is Biltong tastier than Protein powder?

Though we predict Biltong is far tastier than many protein powders on the market, it utterly is determined by your particular person tastes. In case you love the style of a candy protein shake or bar after your exercise, Biltong will not be the snack for you. However in case you take pleasure in cured meat snacks, then Biltong makes for an awesome addition to your gymnasium bag.

Is Biltong wholesome?

The primary query we get requested about Biltong is whether or not it’s wholesome. We are able to verify Biltong is wholesome when eaten alongside a nutritious and balanced weight loss plan.

Not solely is it extremely tasty, however Biltong is the proper snack for a wide range of diets comparable to excessive protein and keto.

The most effective issues about Biltong is that it’s utterly pure, utilizing a mix of herbs and spices to remedy the meat and improve its pure flavors. 

The ultimate verdict

Protein is among the most vital macronutrients we devour. It helps to construct muscle mass, enhance cell perform, and retains your urge for food suppressed a lot better than a bag of crisps or a chocolate bar does.

Biltong comprises a formidable quantity of protein per serving, and because it has been cured, means it may be saved in gymnasium baggage or lockers with out the fear that it's going to go off.

Biltong is extra pure than many protein alternate options out in the marketplace and might be bought in a wide range of tasty flavors.

What are you ready for? Attempt Biltong right now.

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