6 Foods Not To Refrigerate, According to a Food Scientist

Confession: I used to be in the present day years outdated when I discovered that nut butter was amongst a few of the pantry staples that you must at all times refrigerate. Like many, I assumed that storing my favourite jar of almond butter in a cool, darkish place in a cupboard was the best way to go, however I used to be sorely mistaken—it seems that this creamy unfold can final twice as lengthy if saved within the fridge. Speak about meals for thought.

On the flip facet, this bought me questioning: Which different meals am I storing within the fully flawed place in my kitchen? Apparently, fairly a number of. Rising up, I adopted the group expertise of my dad and mom, which isn’t saying rather a lot (sorry, mother). And together with that got here the notion that just about all produce was destined for the crisper drawer. Boy, was I flawed.

After talking with two meals scientists and consultants within the discipline of ‘knowing-where-to-store-everything-in-your-kitchen,’ I discovered the reality behind why a few of my produce was mush in only a few days or browned within the blink of a watch. Spoiler: It wasn’t alleged to be within the fridge within the first place. In an effort to make our lives less complicated and extra waste-free (to not point out cost-effective), right here’s a roundup of the meals you shouldn’t refrigerate… or else.

6 meals you shouldn’t refrigerate, in response to meals scientists


Though it’s possible you’ll assume that sticking a bunch of bananas within the fridge is a innocent act, this meals storage skilled says in any other case. Based on Natalie Alibrandi, a London-based meals scientist and CEO of Nali Consulting, bananas shouldn’t be refrigerated… particularly in the event that they’re unripe. “Usually, whenever you buy bananas on the grocery retailer, they’re unripe. Subsequently, it’s greatest to maintain them on the counter so you possibly can really permit them to ripen,” Alibrandi says.

Low temperatures within the fridge can sluggish the chemical ripening means of ripening, which might in flip forestall inexperienced or arduous bananas from ever reaching their ripe—softened, sweetened—potential. That being mentioned, as soon as they’ve been in a position to ripen to your liking at room temperature, they fall beneath the class of “pantry gadgets you possibly can refrigerate.” Simply don’t be alarmed if the peels flip darkish brown or black inside a number of days—they will look off, however know that this gained’t have an effect on the inside of the bananas.


Like bananas, Alibrandi recommends protecting avocados on the counter for comparable causes. “For starters, for those who purchase an unripe, rock-hard avocado, storing it within the fridge will solely maintain it inedible for even longer,” she says. Once more, the cool temperatures within the fridge decelerate the ripening course of. “Most fridges are stored at 40°F or beneath, which doesn’t create the perfect atmosphere for an unripe avocado to develop into creamy and flavorful.”

Analysis exhibits that avocados ought to be stored at or close to 68°F—so a cool, dry place in your kitchen; not subsequent to the range—as soon as they’ve ripened to optimize postharvest high quality.

Garlic and Onions

Alibrandi additionally recommends protecting alliums, like garlic, out of the fridge. “Moisture creates a superb atmosphere for sprouting, which isn’t dangerous, however exhibits the garlic is previous its level of peak ripeness,” she explains.

Alibrandi says that onions are greatest saved on the counter, too. “When storing onions within the fridge, they’re sure to soak up the moisture within the fridge, leaving them much less crunchy and extra publicity to spoilage.”

Tomatoes and Peaches

Based on Savannah Braden, a organic scientist and the affiliate director of expertise at meals storage tech startup Apeel, you must by no means refrigerate climacteric fruits. This contains bananas and avocados, but additionally peaches and tomatoes.

“Climacteric fruits proceed to mature after they’ve picked—consider a inexperienced banana—so protecting them in a chilly atmosphere won’t solely decelerate the ripening course of, however it will probably additionally have an effect on the flavour, texture, and different traits of the fruit,” Braden explains. Nonetheless, as Alibrandi beforehand talked about, as soon as your fruits are ripe, it’s okay to refrigerate them to assist lengthen their freshness.

What refrigeration really does to those meals, in response to a meals scientist

Briefly, the cool temperatures of the fridge can change the composition of recent meals. “Many individuals don’t notice that your vegatables and fruits are nonetheless alive after they’re picked. That signifies that they proceed to react to their environments and are delicate to emphasize,” Braden explains. “Refrigeration slows down the biochemical reactions inside a bit of produce and might disrupt the construction of its cells. That may trigger off notes and result in some fairly funky flavors, in addition to change the fruit’s shade, texture, and different attributes.”

Based on Braden, a lot of the explanation why this occurs has to do with the water content material present in recent produce. “A bit of recent fruit or a vegetable additionally has a big quantity of water in it, which is inclined to freezing and swelling since water expands to totally different volumes at totally different temperatures,” she explains.

That is very true for water-dense fruits, like watermelon, which is 92 % water. In the event you depart a watermelon behind the fridge, for instance, typically it will probably freeze, thaw, and freeze once more. That course of damages the cells and adjustments the fruit’s texture. This could occur to any piece of produce that will get too chilly, or is chilly for too lengthy,” says Braden. Nonetheless, for those who don’t thoughts a change in texture, she provides you could definitely freeze recent fruit as soon as it’s ripe to make use of in smoothies, soups, sauces, or purees (the place textural adjustments can go unnoticed).

The place ought to you must retailer these meals in the event that they’re *not* within the fridge

Alibrandi and Braden each say you could merely retailer these meals on the counter the place they will naturally ripen. “A variety of produce shops rather well on the kitchen countertop, so long as it’s not in direct daylight or close to a warmth supply. That’s very true for non-climacteric greens, like potatoes and onions, that aren’t actively ripening post-harvest,” Braden says.

Nonetheless, the meals scientists each observe that they need to be evaded different already-ripe meals. “Don’t retailer them close to meals which might be already ripe, because the ethylene gasoline may cause them to speed up the speed of ripening,” Alibrandi explains. Analysis exhibits that ethylene is a plant hormone that may speed up ripening and softening by growing chlorophyll degradation and, in flip, lowering the shelf lifetime of vegatables and fruits.

“In the event you retailer an avocado with a banana, for instance, they may set off one another to ripen extra shortly. Alternatively, protecting a banana subsequent to an apple or cucumber won’t change how shortly the banana goes unhealthy since that produce doesn’t ripen post-harvest,” Braden says. Nonetheless, if it’s worthwhile to pace up the ripening course of, she says you could retailer climacteric produce collectively (like in a paper bag), which might additionally assist pace up the method by trapping the hormones that set off ripening. This is perhaps particularly useful when your avocado is rock-hard, however avo toast is looking your identify.

Now, in case you have fruits and veggies which might be already ripe, giving them ample room to breathe will assist lengthen their lifespan. “To maintain climacteric fruits from ripening too shortly, it’s greatest to maintain them in an open house with loads of air circulation versus an enclosed place like a cupboard. As a result of produce remains to be respiration, it wants oxygen to develop the correct means. In the event you maintain a banana or avocado in a plastic bag, it gained’t find yourself with the correct taste,” Braden says.

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